Modern Bohemian Joshua Tree National Park Elopement

National Park weddings are always a dream come true and so this styled intimate bohemian Joshua Tree Elopement makes my heart have all the feels. Neutral, earthy tones, and delicate details make this elopement day something special.

Ever considered an intimate wedding experience at one of the many (63 to be exact) United States National Parks? If you have, then you’re not alone. Over the past few years, eloping to one of these beautiful, national parks has increasingly become more and more popular. Couples are foregoing the “traditional” big wedding experiences, for something a little more private, a little more intimate, and in a place they’ll never forget. One of the National Parks might exactly what you’re looking for.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is one of the 9 National Parks located within the state of California. (Fun fact- California has the most National Parks of any other state!) Located in the southern part of the state, it is where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet. High winds and high temperatures make this area seem somewhat harsh, which makes the main habitants of the park, the Joshua Tree, truly unique. These distinct trees are something otherworldly and are worth an in-person visit at least once in your lifetime. The twisted, spiky branches look like something right out of a Dr. Seuss book and create the most magical silhouettes. You can learn more about the Joshua Tree HERE.

Joshua Tree Elopement

I knew when I was headed to southern California for another wedding earlier this year, that I just HAD to shoot at Joshua Tree. With it’s funky trees and other-worldly rock formations, Joshua Tree has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Armed with a gorgeous, custom designer dress by Claire LaFaye, I knew I had to make this shoot happen. I teamed up with my beautiful models, Olivia & Chris, as well as one of my favorite photog friends, Inner Images Photography and we executed this intimate bohemian Joshua Tree elopement shoot. So quick and so simple. It really shows that you don’t always need all the fluff and stuff to make an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s your wedding or elopement day, or just for an intimate couples shoot, Joshua Tree National Park makes for a jaw dropping and unique photo backdrop.

Wanna shoot with some funky trees and rad golden hour light?! Hit me up and LET’S GO TO JOSHUA TREE!

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And bonus! For your random reading pleasure, here are…

Top 5 Random Facts about Joshua Tree N.P.

  1. The Joshua Tree is not actually a tree! (hint, it’s really a member of the flower family, Agave.)
  2. Early accounts from pioneers when discovering the plant, called them “the most repulsive tree in the vegetable kingdom.” haha!
  3. The Joshua Tree actually produces flowers and blooms, but you don’t want to smell them, trust me. THEY STINK!
  4. Most Joshua tree plants live to be at the most 200 years old. But some have been known to live for almost 500 years. The oldest Joshua tree ever recorded lived to be approximately 1000 years old.
  5. The famous band, U2, released their landmark album, named Joshua Tree in 1987, igniting a wave of national and global interest in the Joshua tree plant and its namesake National Park.


Oh my gosh, thE desert elopement of my dreams! This is insanely beautiful! I’m obsessed with her dress!!

Joshua Tree is always amazing, and you photographed this elopement so beautifully! That golden light is just magic!

Sexy inspiration for a Modern Bohemian Joshua Tree National Park Elopement. Beautiful work!

wowww these photos are breathtaking! Joshua Tree is such a dreamy location for an elopement!!!

Dionne! These photos are pure magic. I want to go to Joshua tree with you!! the beading in her dress + your magic + location = my jaw on the floor.


WOW…………… These images of this elopement and the location is breathtaking and honestly I cant even come up with words of just how insanly beautiful these are… JUST WOWZA

WOW!! These are absolutely Stunning. The location, her dress, her hat and the moody vibes are so good. Awesome Blog!

Wow these are gorgeous! What a lovely shoot you’ve put together. that dress and the overall vibe is stunning. I love the fun facts- I had no idea Joshua tree, wasn’t a tree!

Wow these are so dreamy and beautiful!!! I love her dress!!! This blog definitely makes me want to elope in joshua tree national park!! amazing photos great joB! <3