Best of Wedding + Engagement Photography in Portland, OR | 2018

Dionne Kraus Photography’s 2018 Best of Wedding and Engagement photography is finally here! Cue all the drumrolls and confetti cannons cause I am so stoked to be sharing this with all of you!

Guyssssss. Ok, I’m gonna get real here for a sec. This has seriously been like the hardest thing EVER narrowing down my best of 2018 images! I’ve been so incredibly blessed with how busy my business has been and even more thankful for all the rad couples I’ve gotten to hang out with and call my friends. So many weddings and so many engagement sessions this year. Which is beyond AWESOME. Buttttttt, picking just a few favorites from a library of tens of thousands of images just from 2018 alone has proven to be quite the daunting task. Like, solving the Da Vinci code or choosing my favorite child would have been easier. For reals though.

I am so happy with the direction my photography has shifted towards this past year. One of my goals for 2018 was to add more emotion and movement to my images. It’s one thing to take a beautiful picture but what really speaks to me is when I feel something when looking at it after. The emotional, story-telling moments will always outweigh the technically perfect image in my book. So these images in this ‘best of’ collection are far from technically perfect, in fact, in past years I might not have shared even half of them with you. But, to me they are perfectly imperfect and they speak to my soul.

So, thank you one million times to all my incredibly amazing couples who trust me 100% to capture these moments for them. And who not only go along with all my crazy ideas but get seriously pumped about them. And, the biggest shoutout to my own personal cheerleader, the Hubs. Who quite literally forced a camera back into my hand a little over 4 years ago after an early life career crisis. He is my number one supporter and my biggest fan. (and the cutest wedding DJ in the history of ever. Check him out at

So here we go, everyone! Sit back, buckle up, go full screen and max volume, and I hope it makes you feel all the feels. Remember to leave me a comment at the bottom of this page and let me know what you think! Without further ado, Dionne Kraus Photography’s Best of Wedding and Engagement Photography 2018.

Stay rad, my friends.

xoxo, Dionne.

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So so stunning!!

Amazing talent!
p.s. can you tell me what song is this ?

The song is called Indigo by Hog Bucket 🙂

Wow Dionne, you’ve got a gift!

Holy smokes, what a talent you have! I LOVE seeing your pictures! Thx for sharing.

This world needed to see things through your lens again 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout love! You’re the best!