Columbia River Gorge Oregon Engagement

The Columbia River Gorge will always be my favorite scenic area for a beautiful engagement session. It has my heart, and after seeing these images, I’m just sure it will have yours too.

This gorgeous location, the largest National Scenic Area in America, was put to shame only by this rad couple. Their rad style, funny sense of humor, and their willingness to explore the beauty around us was a killer combo for these incredible engagement photographs in the Columbia River Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge info:

The Gorge is a canyon of the Columbia River that runs east to west along the upper border of Oregon State and lower border of Washington state. The River itself is actually what divides the two state lines. The river winds westward through the Cascade Mountain Range and the canyon spans over eighty miles. That’s eighty miles of incredible beauty to explore!

Being a very popular recreational destination, the gorge is federally protected land, being called the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. So, if you want to visit, or better yet, GET YOUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS TAKEN HERE (um, yes please DO THIS!) there are a few different incredible locations to choose from.

Top 3 epic Columbia River Gorge Engagement locations:

I could list a million different amazing places to explore and get your engagement photos taken along the Gorge. But, to narrow it down, here are my top 3 along the Oregon side of the canyon that I always consider for any photo session.

Latourell Falls

There are TONS of super rad waterfalls all along the Columbia River gorge, most of which would make a STUNNING backdrop for your engagement photo session. But, Latourell always steals my heart with its straight 249 ft. drop from an overhanging basalt cliff. It is unique in comparison to all the other famous waterfalls in the area because the water spills straight down without any sort of tumble along other rock formations.

Because of the super cool basalt formations surrounding the waterfall, it really limits light in the area, which makes for some super beautiful, dramatic and moody portraits. And, if you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you know that dramatic and moody are my photography love language!

Another reason to love this popular engagement photo location along the Columbia River gorge is that it takes little to no hiking to reach the the falls. A parking lot located near the base, and a short direct path will take you straight there in little to no time.

For more information on Latourell Falls and the surrounding hikes visit

Government Cove

Wanting more river and mountain views along the gorge for your engagement session? Government Cove is a top location contender! Trust me, this is probably my most requested session spot of ALL TIME. Once you visit you’ll know exactly why. 360 degree views of breathtaking Oregon backdrops ranks this spot one of the best.

There are countless photo opts that Government Cove Peninsula offers. In addition you can also enjoy some fishing, short trails for hiking and biking, and low-level rock climbing. In the spring and summer months, wildflowers and berries can be seen everywhere. And in the winter, the most beautiful fog rolls in from the nearby mountains. No matter when you visit, you’ll be in awe at the beauty of this Pacific Northwest gem.

To learn more about Government Cove and the surrounding areas visit

Rowena Crest Viewpoint

Rowena Crest is another of my very favorite locations along the Oregon side of the Columbia River. It offers incredible views and perfect photo opts for your engagement session. About an hour and a half drive east from downtown Portland, this nature preserve has elevated river views as well as easy hikes and exploring.

Want lovely wildflowers in addition to epic views? Make sure to schedule your engagement session at Rowena Crest in the springtime! In late springtime, the entire plateau is covered in balsamroot as well a large variety of other wildflowers. These lovely flowers add even more beauty to an already breathtaking backdrop.

To learn more about Rowena Crest Viewpoint along the eastern Columbia River gorge check out

Plan your own Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session in Oregon!

Ready to start planning your own rad engagement session in the Columbia River Gorge?! CONTACT ME HERE and we’ll get to planning your epic PNW adventure together! From more location options, the best lighting, what to wear, and any other details such as what permits you’ll need to begin exploring- I’ve got you, boo. It’s gonna be a party, I promise.


What a unique, cool dress. I think the sunset shot is my fav!

I’m loving all these rich tones!

Wow! Just beautiful! Oregon is just gorgeous and I love how you embraced the wind in their photoshoot! And that sky!!!! Love!

The first black and white image you included stole my heart, I love it. Their personalities really shine through and it feels so sweet and intimate. And I desperately need to know her tattoo artist, that CAT portrait!!! I need one of those.

The columbia River Gorge is incredible, but I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. You have me inspired to go to ALL these locations, like right now. Dramatic and moody is also my love language (soul mates maybe? just kidding.. or am i..) and Latourell is my favorite stop with the super short walk down and how massive and magical the waterfall is. I love this photo collection <3

Well these make me want to move to Oregon immediately! What a stunning session and you captured that amazing light beautifully!

love these tones your captured andim obsessed with the color of her dress. You did such a great job in this lovely sunset

This Columbia River Gorge Oregon Engagement session is stunning! i love the style and attire of the couple, they look like they pair so well together. you did a great job capturing their love!

UM wow- such beautiful and moody images! I love the tips yOu shared Regarding best places to have an engagement session. The gorge is suCh an incredible Place to explore 🙂