Gold Canyon Arizona Engagement Session

This engagement session at the Gold Canyon in the Superstition Mountains, Arizona is the best pick-me-up after a week of overcast PNW skies. The golden tones highlighted by those Arizona sun rays give me all the warm fuzzies. Which is why it’s the perfect spot for a romantic engagement session! Am I right, or am I right? 

Check this cute couple out and you’ll see what I mean. It ain’t no coincidence that this rad location boasts the title “Gold Canyon”.

Gold Canyon, Arizona could not have been a more perfect location for Jake and Travis’s engagement session. They fit right in with the warmth this location adds to each photo. It’s no wonder too, because Jake grew up just outside the Gold Canyon’s Superstition Mountains in Arizona, and Travis is from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Which means sunshine basically runs through their veins. Thus why an engagement photo-op in the Gold Canyon was more than perfect for the two of them. So, I’m just saying, it could also be perfect for you and your boo.

5 Random reasons you should deeefinitely have your engagement sesh in Gold Canyon, Arizona:

  1. If you love hiking and mountain biking, there are a million trails to check out and you know we’ll be stopping to take pics at all the epic viewpoints. 
  2. Cliff side photos already pair perfectly with golden hour lighting. But combined with the golden toned rocks Gold Canyon was literally named after, this destination is unbelievably perfect for your engagement shoot.
  3. Canyon lake is right there, in case you wanna double up on cliff-side adventure shots and some moody lake photos. Becaaause, well, I would.
  4. If abandoned mines are your jam, there’s one located just outside the Superstition Mountains, and I’m always down to go check it out (and definitely take some pics along the way).
  5. The Lost Dutchman State Park outside Gold Canyon makes up an area of land that is said to have a rich gold mine dating back to 1848. Ambushes, murder, and foul play (creepy, but still cool) have added to the folklore of the “lost mine.” Why wouldn’t you want to have your Arizona engagement session in a mildly spooky (but still gorgeous) golden canyon? You can research more about the canyon’s Legend of the Lost Dutchman here.

Hooked yet? Same. I’ll meet you there. Just ask and see when I’m available. We’ll be besties, I promise.

Pro Tip:

If you want to try a cool alternative engagement shoot option nearby Gold Canyon, Arizona, why not try a Stand Up Paddle Boarding engagement session at Canyon Lake? This rad couple opted for that route, and I’m always here to make that shiz happen. Click the pic below to see more from their freaking rad engagement session.