Oregon Beach Couples Photo Session

The Oregon Coastline has my heart and so it is no wonder that this beach couples photo session speaks right to my soul.

With Oregon’s jagged coastline, that hugs along about 360 miles of the wild Pacific ocean, these rugged beaches are seriously some of the most beautiful in all the world. And really, it doesn’t just stop in Oregon, because the coastline into our Northern sister state of Washington is equally as breathtaking and incredible. Tide pools, dark rock formations, foggy sand covered shores, deep forests with hiking trails galore, and the most incredible sunsets cover this dramatic and moody coastal wonderland with swoon worthy photo ops.

This particular photo session took place at Hug Point, which is one of my frequent photo stops. Located just off of the Highway 101 about 4 miles south of Cannon Beach, this little state recreational area is an incredible option for easy to reach dramatic backdrops. Just make sure you get there at low tide, as it is impossible and extremely dangerous to reach some of the iconic caves and waterfall when the tide is high.

We happened to arrive when the tide wasn’t completely out so we stuck to the little rocky area of the beach just off the trail. No matter what area you photograph for your couples photo session this Oregon beach is just breathtaking. It was also a chilly, November evening which added to the moodiness and drama of these shots. These two lovebirds were troopers, considering it was super cold out that day! Lots of hugging and cuddling to keep her warm added all the warm fuzzies to these images.

The incredible dress was designed by the fabulous, Claire LaFaye, an alternative and edgy wedding wear designer based out of Portland, Oregon. I’ve worked with Claire’s creations a lot during different wedding and engagement shoots and her beautiful dresses never disappoint. If you’re looking for something totally unique and beautiful to wear for your wedding or engagement session, she’s your girl.

It’s safe to say that I will never tire of exploring the Oregon Coast and it’s incredible beaches. Beach couples sessions will always excite me and I look forward to planning my next one.

Are you looking to get your own Oregon beach couples photo session shot somewhere along this gorgeous coastline? Shoot me a message and let’s get planning your own break taking photo shoot! Contact me HERE.


Oh my… I am utterly impressed and obsessed with these photos. Her EYES in the last photo.. absolutely stunning. And of course, the first photo looks straight out of an editorial magazine, holy wow. It seems like this landscape makes them perfectly at home, where they work in harmony and neither of them overpower the other. Beautiful beautiful work!

ThIs is gorgeous, these two looks so in love in every photo looks like artwork!

Whoooaaa this couple is so photogenic. I really love how unique her dress is and that location, like you said, is really a good alternative to the classic cannon beach (solid point about high tide though). Great job with these!!

This couple really makes me think of the original 70s VW bug lifers. Great, soulful photo vibes.

WhOa! These pictures are Amazing! I absolutely love the mood you captured here and he outfiT is fire ?

Your work is stunning! I am so in love with this session, the intimate vibes, her dress, and the location. The first black and white photo is breathtaking!

The word I think of Looking at these photos is “Intimate”. YOu did a great job on these photos, wow!

I am in love with this shoot! Your attention to detail and various angles are stunning. the emotion that you captured is so natural and your subjects were captivating.

Wow these are beautiful images! I love her dress and this might sound oDd, but her haiR cut. ♥️ ThAt B+W image with her drEss coming out of the frame has so much eMotion, it’s ?!